Our commitments

All the singularity of the Le Marmiton brand lies in its know-how and traditional, authentic business culture. We're committed to introducing or reintroducing you to the generosity and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine with our soups, simmered dishes, sauces and croutons. Our products are distributed through various channels: supermarkets, the catering trade, private customers, export, etc.
  • Authenticity & Tradition

    * Know-how bringing together Mediterranean heritage and culture

    * Delicate-tasting simmered recipes.

    * Only natural ingredients: fish, vegetables, spices, etc.

    * No preservatives, additives or flavour enhancers
  • Quality & Process

    * Know-how guaranteeing quality products.

    * High standards in the choice of raw materials

    * A unique cooking process that helps to preserve the ingredients' organoleptic qualities

    * An IFS-certified plant complying with the most demanding specifications
  • R&D

    * A research and development team

    * A brand that listens to consumers and their needs

    * Products developed with simplicity and respect for taste

    * A desire to always go further in creativity and quality.