About us

Le Marmiton is a traditional, authentic brand specialising in seafood products since 1996. For nearly 18 years it has carried on artisanal know-how and developed flavourful, quality recipes.

From the renowned Mediterranean soup to lobster bisque and typical dishes like the famous bouillabaisse, Le Marmiton simmers delicious soups combining fish, vegetables and spices to awaken your taste buds to Mediterranean flavours.Le Marmiton, which is always listening to consumers and seeking new flavours, has developed 2 new recipes to round out the range:

A Red Label soup

highly regarded by gourmets that complies with strict specifications, with 40% fish, olive oil and saffron

A 100% organic soup

with the delicate flavour of salmon, shrimp, vegetables and a touch of spices.


Add a spoonful of our Sète-style rouille sauce to crunchy, slightly garlicky croutons to perfect your tasting experience and follow a traditional ritual. None of our products have preservatives or flavour enhancers. All of them can be enjoyed during the cold winter or in the summer sun on a seaside holiday. They whisk you away to the heart of the Mediterranean coast. You can find them in your supermarket's seafood aisle.